The Hotelier | Discomfort Revisited

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I started a band called Luke Oliver last year that was originally supposed to be my solo project. Things were going very well, but my depression came back and forced me underground as it always does. I quit the band and lost faith in my song writing ability. I felt like nothing I was doing would matter. After six months of drinking myself into nothing, I am finally feeling better. There is only two of us in the band now. I will be playing drums, guitar, keys, doing vocals, as well as engineering and we will release a song a month for 2014. This is the first called “Oh, Nostalgia.” Please give it a listen. Let me know what you think. #arizona #diy #lukeoliver #sayanything #savestheday #hotwatermusic #jimmyeatworld #bustedcivicrecords #2014


I can only see those eyes,
I can only see those eyes
I can only see those eyes
even when I close mine.

Perth | Bon Iver

This is not a place
Not yet awake

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As is very often the case, some friends turned us on to a band. That band is Seattle, WA’s Special Explosion. They are instantly and undeniably infectious — equal parts studied, poised and deliberate — while also wide-eyed and anxious. It comes across in everything from our conversations…

These guys is good.  Easily the best band we came across on tour this summer .  

dear, do not go quietly! do not go, do not go at all! (you are needed here) 

dear, do not go quietly! 
do not go, do not go at all! 
(you are needed here) 

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I put this out for Record Store Day earlier this year. This is a Pavement cover, so check out the original off of the record Brighten the Corners.


Our buddies in meritband just hopped on a sweet show. You’d better be there!

Tomorrow night


We play at last exit live and it will be michaels last show with us before he moves :/


If you haven’t done so yet, check out Nai Harvest's awesome new track “Hold Open My Head” over on Pitchfork. We'll be co-releasing a new EP from them on March 3rd with Dog Knights Productions.

Joie De Vivre & Empire! Empire! Finish Tracking Split


Run For Cover Records posted an hour ago that tracking has finished for the Joie De Vivre / Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) split. Check out a post from the label below.


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